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Having a degree in Biomedical engineering myself, I like to investigate more into this field, it is a field that connects science and technology with the human health, putting science in the service of people’s well-being and overall health, which makes it a unique and ever-growing field, in the page below, you find the latest articles about biomedical engineering, topics that we deal with on a regular basis, new updates and trends, and what’s going around in the field. all articles are from trusted sources and information is gathered in a simple, interactive way so you can read through it and get the most out of it, so let’s begin.


In today’s rapid and ever-changing world it gets harder and harder to catch up with what interests us and sometimes we lose track of what going around, this is the space where we as biomedical engineers can get to know what going around in a straight to the point and simple yet mind-changing way and that’s about it!

What’s for today?

As everything around us, this is the first step of the way to building a well-structured biomedical engineering journal where we as biomedical engineering can share knowledge, connect and stay updated with whatever new and interesting around the world. To start off, let’s get to know some statics about BME with some facts.

A bit of history

Back in 1895 Wilhelm Röntgen has come to discover that a cathode-ray tube emits some sort of signal or ray, which was later known as X-Ray and with time it has eliminated the need to open up a human body to see what going on, that was one of the earliest examples of applying technology in the service of healthcare.

Why is it special?

In all the different engineering fields, the biomedical engineering stands out as it directly impacts healthcare and well-being of humanity in countless ways, our bodies speak to us in signals and thanks to engineering now we can listen to it and cure them using engineering modules.

Way to go

I hope that you will always find something new and interesting in this journal, there are so many interesting topics and technologies to be discussed and is such an ever-developing field, there will always be more!

I will leave you with some figures and statistics about biomedical engineering, from around the world.


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World Health Organization (WHO) – 2015 statistics

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