Getting started

Welcome to Info Arenas!

An arena is a word that refers to a place of fun or entertainment, and as the name suggests, this site will have different Arenas of information, who said that gaining information is sophisticated, are we are to prove the opposite.

What will you see here?

Lifestyle tips and information that comes in a very modern and simple way! that is about it!

Trusted sources, handpicked Information, moulded into simple and easy to follow articles in categories (Arenas), these are Info Arenas’ ingredients!

Why stay tuned?

News is around us every day, and we need to keep track of what’s new and correct what we thought was right sometimes, this requires searching into sites and blogs, looking for information sources, read, try to understand and then get the juice out of it, Well here at Info arenas you will get the news and update without the hassle.

No time to read an article? No problem

We also have our information snippets (Info To Go – ITG) that are images carrying useful information in an easy to follow and share way (Click here)

What are the topics that I can see here?

Public health-related information and articles that are useful in our day to day life, plus a dedicated section for Biomedical Engineering updates. (More to come with time :))

Where to find us?

Well, you don’t have to find us, we will come to you, besides this website our pages are found on the most common social media platforms with the same name (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) will carry the content for you and drag it to your homepage, so you can catch up more easily.

Let’s go!


Public Health Arena

   Biomedical Engineering Arena