Master your posture!

Setting the body language impact aside, having the correct body posture throughout the day and night could mean the difference between a fluid, pain-free movement and a spiking ache with every move. In this article, we will look into the whole idea of a body posture, how to assess it and what can we do to correct any deviations from the healthy situation.

What is Posture?

Posture is basically the position that we hold our bodies in during sitting, standing and lying down, it’s a combination of muscles contraction and body parts alignment against the force of gravity, otherwise, we would simply lose control and lay flat on the floor.


Why is it important to have the right posture?

As mentioned before, Posture is directly related to gravitational forces and minimising its undesired effects on our body organs, just think of it as tying some weights on your body parts forcing them to be placed in the wrong way, so think about it and don’t mess with Mother Nature!, on the other hand by keeping a right posture you will be:

       Preventing muscle fatigue as the body will use less energy to perform the same tasks.

       Minimizing the chances of spine injuries, as the spine joints’ ligaments stress is reduced.

       Preventing back and muscle pain as it reduces the strain on them overall.        Reducing bones and joints related disorders, as they are kept in the correct alignment.


Now, how can I maintain this right posture?

In this article we will look into three body posture aspects in three different situations; sitting, standing and driving, so let’s get started!






Further general notes:


  •       Don’t stay in the same position for long
  •       Avoid sleeping on your stomach, try on your sides or back instead.
  •       Choose a comfy mattress for your bed, use a pillow and get a special one if needed
  •       Use supporting pillows while sleeping in any positions when you are having back pain
  •       When using computers while sitting, apply the same tips for sitting, however, keep a safe distance from the screen and make sure that your elbow is horizontally in-line with your hand on the mouse (trackpad)




Stay Positive, Stay healthy, Stay grateful! 

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