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It is probably one of the very first topics we learned at home or school, wash your hands, don’t pick your nose, cover your mouth when you sneeze and much more.

Well, there is no room for discussion about taking care of our health and hygiene, however, with all those information coming from different sources, it is really important not to be taken for granted or overdo stuff, in this article, we will tackle this topic and go through specific areas that we most commonly go across.

What is Hygiene?

Hygiene is often confused with Cleanness and people use those terms interchangeably, However, it is a broad term that does not only include the actions that we take to stay clean or how often we do them, but also other personal habits including your surroundings; from the places we sit, eat or sleep in, to the clothes we wear, the way of commuting and much more. Therefore in this article, we would only tackle some aspects of hygiene and more specifically personal hygiene.

The basics of Hygiene and how they have been taken into an overdrive?

Well, the reason why we should stay hygienic is quite obvious, we need to eliminate or at least limit the number of bacteria, germs or viruses we exchange with others around us, therefore reducing the risk of catching on one of those tiny creatures that bring us trouble, BUT, we should not try to act smart or over-cautious in any way because it will eventually do you more harm than good, in this article we would cover some areas of personal hygiene, the rest might follow in a coming article.

Where can I find the best rules of hygiene for me?

NOWHERE! yes nowhere, always question the information you hear from people around you or even TV commercials when it comes to hygiene because the information might be passed on from an untrusted source, or some corporations might be misusing such trends to increase their income!

Also, it is called personal Hygiene, therefore you need to follow some guidelines, however, and from your day to day experience, you should know what works best for you, but then again, DO NOT over or under do things!

Let’s jump into the 3 aspects of Hygiene that we will cover in this post, and they are:

Hand Hygiene

We interact with the world almost entirely with our hands, keeping them clean is really important, here are some tips on how to do that:

Few Hand Washing tips


It is the time when we think about the future or go back to old memories, let’s look at it from health perspective now

Useful Showering tips


we can’t go without eating for long, it’s a not only a need but a pleasure for some people, here are some tips to be aware of when it comes to food

Useful Food safety tips

Bonus tip

I want to emphasize on this point, that is why i have a dedicated space for it.

Is antibacterial soap super?

Antibacterial soap, this “Fantastic” invention that is heavily marketed as being superior to the regular soap, to the extent that some people are going crazy for it, well, here is the deal, they have not scientifically proven to be so, “there isn’t enough science to show that over-the-counter (OTC) antibacterial soaps are better at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water”, this is quoted from the website of the American Food and drug administration or FDA, so don’t follow the herd, follow your mind!

Stay Positive, Stay healthy, Stay grateful!

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